• Instructions: First fill out the application. Then click the print button to print a copy of this application for your records and click the below submit button to submit your application to Night Owl. Upon receipt we will review the information provided. All credit card applications are subject to verification and approval by Night Owl and/or the credit card issuer. If you need to reach us call us at 518-434-1943 or 1-888-TRK-DOWN.
  • This is to acknowledge and affirm that I authorize the use of the credit card identified below:
  • I further understand and acknowledge that this credit card will be used to pay for charges incurred by the above referenced customer. These charges will be based on our standard rates for labor and mileage of $90.00 per man hr/$1.00 per mile, round trip – port to port, plus parts/fluids/consumables, applicable permits, tolls and NYS Sales Tax.