Night Owl Automotive Repair Services has a variety of tow trucks and equipment to handle any size vehicle when you need towing services. Our drivers are trained to safely secure your car or truck and tow it safely to it’s destination.

A heavy duty tow truck has the capacity to handle vehicles over 26,000 pounds. These are for large touring buses, tractors, trailers and heavy equipment.

Heavy equipment hauling entails moving a trailer that has become damaged from the area it is in to a safe place. This includes large tractors as well. We can tow your vehicle or equipment with our large selection of tow trucks that are designed for your specific needs.

Whatever the size of your vehicle we can handle the task. We are equipped to haul or tow any vehicle or piece of equipment. Our 24/7 availability will assure you that the task will be handled promptly. A phone call to 518-434-1943 or 888-TRK-DOWN, will be all you have to do to get the services of NOARS.

Medium duty tow trucks have a gross vehicle weight capacity of 10,001-26,000 pounds. The medium duty vehicles can handle medium size trucks, buses and recreational vehicles.

NOARS is the company to call for your medium duty towing needs, day or night.

Light duty tow trucks have the capacity to tow a vehicle with a gross vehicle weight of 8,600-10,000 pounds. This type of tow truck is specifically designed to tow or recover pickup trucks, small passenger vans and automobiles.

Recovery Services

We also handle other off the road recovery services. We recover vehicles stuck in snow as well as cars and trucks that have been in an accident which need to be removed from the road for safety reasons. Any time a vehicle is in a compromising area that normal towing cannot handle, Night Owl Automotive Repair Services is available to assist.

Whether you are a resident of the immediate area or a traveler on a trip, we can help. Our nationwide warranty program will give you confidence knowing that you can take that warranty with you to any Auto Value Certified Service Center in the United States. Our repairs are guaranteed under the Confidence Plus North American Warranty. There are thousands of locations that can accommodate your needs and provide warranty work.

Truckers will appreciate the efficient and knowledgeable services of our technicians. Realizing how important trucking deadlines are, we will do our best to get you back on the road as quickly as possible. If your vehicle cannot be repaired onsite, we have the equipment to tow your heavy truck to our facility. Our extended hours will be beneficial for your repair and return to your journey.